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From time to time an interesting article comes my way, so I have decided to share a selection on this page.


I should say that views expressed here do not necesarily reflect the views of the Branch, or even of UKIP.


I hope you enjoy them!

Whither UKIP?

Posted 5th/6th August 2017


Leadership ELection


Report from an unofficial hustings​ in Newport


Unusually, an article on UKIP Daily by a member of the Party Leadership, John Bickley, in defence of the organisational status quo. If you are concerned about the attitudes of the hierarchy, this is a must-read.



Posted 8th March 2017



This is one of several articles posted on UKIP Daily which addresses the perceived threat from Islam to democracy in this country in the medium to long term. I suspect that this is a topic that will not go away any time soon.


Posted 9th February 2017


Democratic Disconnect

Report in the Daily Telegraph today on Lord King's view concerning the disconnect between our political parties and the elecorate.


Decline of the Welfare State

Whatever your view of the Welfare State, "welfare" has to be paid for, and many think that on current trajectory the state is failing to deliver. This article by Allister Heath in the "premium" Telegraph explores the situation ("premium" articles may be read for free on an occasional basis by registering with the Telegraph).



Posted 18th January 2017


Devolution Revolution

Article in UKIP Daily on the effects of ​devolution.



Posted 12th January 2017


The Strategy Game

Article in UKIP Daily on what makes UKIP unique among UK political parties.


Whither UKIP?

Article by yours truly in UKIP Daily.

About Brexit . . .

Posted 8th August 2017


The Economy


Daniel Hannan surveys our economic status post-referendum. I think he puts Mr Cable's views into some appropriate context.



Posted 6th August 2017




Lest you should think that we only show stuff here that supports Brexit, read this (courtesy of the totally unbiased BBC) from Vince Cable, paragon of straight-forward no nonsense analysis of the truth who only wants to say it like it is.



Posted 5th August 2017


Brexit Matters


David Kurten (leadership candidate): Brexit betrayal can spark UKIP revival


Brussels does not speak with one voice



Posted 5th June 2017


Brexit Matters


Good news for those worried about the effects of Brexit on the EU...


Customs Union / Single Market / Trade Agreement - the choice.


What would no deal mean for Financial Services?


Brexit Directives and all that...


How much will our divorce from the EU cost?


Over the Cliff!


There are more where the above came from, but that should be enough for now . . .



Posted 31st January 2017


The City

The City (as reported by the Telegraph) now " sees the light " of Brexit (what took them so long?).



Posted 20th January 2017



Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports for the Telegraph (this is a premium article but you can register and read such for free on an occasional basis) 



Posted 17th December 2016


Damian Hinds

Our MP for East Hampshire sets out his views post-referendum.


The Truth Agenda

This one came in recently from left field (via my wife, who doesn't normally involve herself in matters politic):  


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