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Our branch Annual General Meeting will be held in November this year to comply with an updated Rule Book. Watch our for notification dropping into your letter-box shortly.

UKIP Annual Conference 2017

This was held in Torquay (29th/30th September) - the usual suspects from your committee report that the Conference was well attended and heard some excellent and inspirational speeches, including a barnstorming performance from Steve Crowther on the ways in which the Cultural Marxists are hell-bent on the destruction of our nation and British culture. Their primary and deliberate methods include:

  • membership of the European Union
  • introduction of numerous immigrants from widely disparate cultures
  • undermining of the family (the prime basis for social regeneration since time began)
  • subvertion of our education establishments to indoctrinate our students
  • emasculation of our armed forces
  • undermining of the impartiality of our police CPS and judiciary

"By their fruits shall ye know them"


UKIP's ethos post-Brexit is committed to rolling back these wholly destructive attacks and to restore our nation's reputation for strength, justice, peaceful trade and mutual cooperation between independent nations.


No shortage of ambition there then.


Highlights of conference included Steve Crowther's presentation of the new UKIP branding, designed to associate our Party with the concept of the United Kingdom as a proud and independent nation, whose historic culture has been the model for parliamenary democracy all around the world:


Great Britain - United Kingdom - Sovereign State


Conference welcomed the new branding and chose for its symbol the image of a British lion, symbolising our national strength, our projection of "soft" power, and our peaceful yet alert resolve:


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