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Watch Henry Bolton Launch UKIP's  Save our Services campaign

View the launch here.

PESCO - You Need to Read This

PESCO is the EU initiative to create EU armed forces working directly for the EU (as mentioned by HB in the topic above).


For the history of this project, see the UKColumn web-site here.


For an up-date as at 13th Nov 2017 watch this revealing UKC News report.

How to Leave the EU

Watch Gerard Batten's excellent presentation at Conference here. If you were wondering what Mrs May actually said in Florence then Gerard explains it with great clarity - if you aren't worried yet then you absolutely need to view this.


Also sign Colin Teasdale's petition for a judicial review of the legitimacy of our membership of the EU, currently awaiting a response from David Davis (Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union) here. This would save Theresa a lot of trouble in getting repeal of the 1972 bill through Parliament, so will be a test of her commitment to Brexit. I'm not holding my breath, but if the judicial review does go to court it will flush out our pro-EU judiciary and force them to justify the unjustifiable.


Check out Chris Watkin's petition against Theresa's total support for folding our "defence and security" into the EU under the EU's PESCO proposals. Not heard about this one? No surprise there then. This would mean that after Brexit our defence and internal "security" would be part and parcel of EU defence and law and order - given Mrs May's continuing unwavering support for the European Arrest Warrant does this sound like Brexit to you? We should note that the Government is technically within its rights to sign new treaties with the EU under the Royal Prerogative without even getting Parliamentary approval . . .

(The meeting mentioned in the petition is now past, but the petition still stands to signify our opposition).


Finally review our comments on Mrs May's foray to Florence in her attempt to get the real Brexit negtiations started.

Henry Bolton - Westmonster Q&A

Watch the Westmonster interview with Henry Bolton (Thursday 12th October) here.

Our Leadership Election

Congratulations to Henry Bolton for his decisive victory in our leadership election!


Henry has an excellent CV and will bring much-needed professionalism to our Party.


We in East Hampshire offer him our full support over the coming months.


The result was welcomed unreservedly at our recent Conference in Torquay, which saw the introduction of the new UKIP branding and  fine selection of excellent speeches, which we hope to bring you shortly.


Many have dismissed UKIP since the referendum but we have always believed that our Party is actually the only poltical party in the UK that speaks to the problems that concern the population, rather than those which obsess the mainstream political and media bubbles.


Now that Labour continue in disarray over Brexit and Mrs May has shown her true pseudo-BREXIT colours in Florence, it is clear that we in UKIP will have our work cut out to secure a decisive BREXIT and full restoration of our independence - our task is unfinished.


UKIP only succeeds because ordinary people like you decide to help in whatever way they can to make our country a better place. Whatever your skills or station in life,  we need you, and you are welcome to pop in to any of our meetings, and say hello.


Watch Henry speaking to Westmonster about BREXIT and other matters here.

Bruges Group in Manchester

The now famous meeting​ in which Jacob Rees-Mogg quells the "great unwashed" and the Bruges Group speakers (including JR-M himself) give their views on the current state of Brexit.


Regular Meetings

Our active members and supporters usually meet on a Wednesday evening at 7pm for a "pint and a pie" at a local hostelry, to discuss the topics of the day in a relaxed manner. Not everyone stays for the "pie", and newcomers (no need to be a member) are encouraged to make our acquaintance - join our email list and we will let you know where we will be.


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